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Hello Neighbor game is a horror APK game . It is about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure out what horrible secrets he hiding in his basement. You will play against an AI (very advanced). That learns from your strategy and every move you will take. In Hello Neighbor game, you will enjoy climbing through back window?  But it isn’t that easy, you will expect a bear trap there. And you will enjoy Sneaking out the front door, but There will be cameras there any time. You want to escape? Neighbor will find shortcut and catch you (oops).

Hello Neighbor game

Why you should play Hello Neighbor game?

If you want a game with a mixture of Norman Rockwell magic, solving puzzles, horror and infiltration. Then this amazing game will provide you with all these advantages. Because Hello Neighbor game is simply a charming game that creates a lot of tension, threat and excitement that won’t make you get tired of playing it. And will make you think of different solutions and strategies.


  • Stunning art style but also very charming.
  • Hello Neighbor game creates a lot of tension that makes you never tire of.
  • The sound and effects are amazing and wonderful.
  • Expect to get caught a lot early on unless you always change your mindset and strategy.
  • Hello Neighbor game is like a simulator of a detective who is observing, sneaking around and finding out the secrets of the neighbors.
  • The city in Hello Neighbor game is an open playing field in front of you to do anything in your mind and to apply your strategy.
  • There are many houses and residents that are controlled by artificial intelligence, so that you can interact with them in a very interesting and fun way.
  • Can you defeat the artificial intelligence? Each character in Hello Neighbor game learns from players and does everything they can to protect their community and its secrets from interference, so always be careful with them.
  • There is a big mystery hidden in the city (Raven Brooks) that you have to discover!
  • A horror and mystery game full of mysteries, discoveries and adventures in your neighbor’s house.
  • The details of the story of Hello Neighbor game are different and beautiful.
  • The 3D designs of the houses and the various elements are consistent and give a very good impression.
  • There are many tools in this game that you can benefit from and make it easier for you.
  • The control of this game is very easy and simple to run, jump and many more.
  • You can always resume playing each time the neighbor catches you and you don’t have to play from the beginning.


All you have to do in Hello Neighbor game is to sneak into your evil neighbor’s house and watch carefully what is going on in the basement and What is he doing there. Is he a criminal committing crimes? Or is he a murderer who hides a dead body? or does any suspicious actions?
You will enter his house, search, watch, and also hide well so that he does not see you or arrest you. The game is very difficult, but with planning and development it will be very easy and it will take you a little time to skip all the stages. This game will surely take your breath away.

Break into your neighbor’s house to watch him and search for his scary and suspicious secrets. Your goal in Hello Neighbor game is to enter and exit your neighbor’s house without him discovering or seeing you. You can choose to enter from the front door or the back door, and you can distract your neighbor and enter from the other side. And the house has a lot of rooms to explore and search for the key to the house’s basement To find out what your neighbor is hidin.  You have to hide when the neighbor is close to you or you can run away quickly before he catches you.

How does the game use artificial intelligence in Hello Neighbor game?

When your neighbor catches you, You will be taken to your house. and from there you can start a new attempt to break into the house and search for hidden and frightening secrets, and each time the neighbor will set different traps in different ways than the previous times to try to detect you and prevent you from entering the house, which makes Hello Neighbor game very amazing, and your neighbor will set up cameras and alarms in different places each time, and these traps are placed using artificial intelligence based on your thinking, experiences and previous plans in playing.


We recommend this fun and exciting game (Hello Neighbor game) that will make you addicted to playing it and it will be your first choice.

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